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International driving license

For Ordering International driver's license You need to send us an email with:

  1. Fill this PDF FORM. Best for edit this file, please download Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader. Its free. Or use your pdf editor.

  2. Attach in email next 5 files:

     a) PDF form,

      b) your photo (requirements: color on a white background. Format - for a USA visa.)

      c) foto of your national driving licence - both sides

      d) photo of your signature:

   3. SEND to our email: idl @ (please delete spaces)

   4. We will check your info and send to You the Invoice.

   4. Make the payment to our bank account in any Ukrainian bank (in Privat Bank easyer) by our invoce. 

   5. Receive in Nova Poshta post office your IDL after 9 working days since next working day after payment. (some times it can be nedded more days)

An international driver's license is VALID ONLY if you have a national license and is NOT a SEPARATE DOCUMENT.


THIS DOCUMENTS not allowed to work like drivers in taxi. You need local ukrainien lisence.

Fixed price set (UAH) on 01/01/2023:

3 year

5 year

10 year




Международные права

In case you have any questions, please contact with our manager:
E-mail: idl @

ABOUT International Drivers License:

Only a few minutes you will need to apply for obtaining a driver's license of the international standard of International Driver's Group!

A few days a formality - and you get your international driving license is the most convenient for you.

«Via Kyiv» is an authorized dealer partner of IDG (International Drivers Group Inc), New York, USA, with distribution in Ukraine International Driving Licence (IDL).

What is an IDL and what the benefits of ownership of it?

International Automobile Association (International Automobile Association), located in New York (USA) gives the opportunity to travel around the world. International driver's license (International drivers license) IAA includes all original information from your national driver's license in 8 languages, proves that you have a driving license and home country gives you the right car rental and drive vehicles in 185 countries.

Please remember - even if you have a new type of driving license valid, you may still refuse to rent a car in many countries. And can not pass through the border guards in some countries when traveling by private car.

Manual book and plastic card is also the identity card of international standard that will give tourists the opportunity (in some countries in combination with foreign passports and credit card):

-Traveling the world without an IDP, you can face the fact that in more than 180 countries around the world do not recognize foreign driver's license when renting a car. IDP gives visitors access to all the rental companies in these countries

- Rent a car

- Rent hotel room

- Replace another identity

Legality International Driving Licence is based on the International Convention on Road Traffic and Safety from 1949 and 1968, which approved the standards of IDPs and determined the conditions for its issuance.

Why your driver's license do not meet international standards?

Ukrainian driver's license do not meet the requirements of the legislation of other countries and international driver's license:

  • they fully translated to Latin
  • they lack the range necessary information about the owner, namely:
  1. residence address
  2. height and eye color
  3. signature of the holder
  4. validity of driving license

International driver's license containing the information and provide you the opportunity to lease and operate transport in different countries.

How does and that is the IDL - International driver license?

IDL- International driver's license is a plastic card and a special book in 12 languages - the five United Nations official languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese) and seven additional: Ukrainian, Greek, Italian, German, Korean and Japanese.

Do I need to take any exams for registration MOU?

No need to take any tests on driving and knowledge of road traffic for different countries, as IDL is an international document issued ON THE BASIS of available driver's license in YOUR country, in which languages adopted by the UN as a major international, said information about the driver and of vehicles allowed to govern. Also, do not need to undergo a medical examination, to stand in queues - You can order international driver's license from the comfort of home or office - beacose its NOT a real Drivers Licence like a Your National DL. Its transalation of your National drivers lisence.

And IDL not allowed to work like a taxi, driver, etc in taxis company.

With our manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order.

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