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Public offer agreement

Public offer agreement


1.1. Reference offer, in the official proposition of TOV "Via Kiev", followed by the text - "Seller", the terms of the Agreement for the purchase and sale of goods and services in a remote way, that is, through the Internet-store, in the text - "Contract", proposition) on the official Internet site of the Seller " (hereafter -" Internet site ").

1.2. The moment of repeated and insane acceptance by the Buyer of the Seller's proposition (acceptance) of the electronic contract for the purchase and sale of goods, the fact of payment by the Buyer on the minds of the Agreement, at the line and for the prices indicated on the Seller's Internet site.

Understanding and value

2.1. In the case of an offer, if the context is not visible, the following meaning is indicated below the term:

* "Product" - an aviaktok, a sales ticket;

* "Posluga" - a tourist package, a tourist ticket, accommodation in a hotel, apartments, a conference and tourist services;

* "Internet-shop" - subject to the Law of Ukraine "on electronic commerce", for the submission of either realizatsiyu goods, robots or services, please, please.

* "Seller" - a company that realizes comrades and servants, presented on the Internet site.

* "Buyer" - a physical or a legal person who has laid down a contract with the Seller on the minds of the lower ones.

* "Substitution" - the selection of the selected items for the change of goods, designated by the Buyer in the course of the replacement and payment.

Subject of the contract

3.1. The Seller of the crops will undertake to transfer to the authority of the Purchaser the Goods or services, and the Buyer of the crops will undertake to pay and accept the Goods or the services on the minds of the given Agreement.

Tsei Contract to regulate the purchase and sale of goods and services in online stores, including:

- voluntary selection by the Buyer of the goods and / or services to the online store;

- self-registration by the Buyer in the online store;

- payment by the Buyer for the replacement, issued in the online store;

- processing and delivery of replacement Buyers from the authorities on the minds of the Agreement.

Order of registration of the order

4.1. The buyer has the right to issue a request for any product, representations by agents for sale.

4.2. The skin position can be presented in a substitute in any number, as it will not be surrounded.

4.3. If there are any suggestions, the Manager of the company of crops will deliver the Buyer to the house (by phone or via e-mail).

4.4. In the event of a specific proposition, the Buyer has the right to change the request for a service, see the given proposition, or replace it.

Order of payment in exchange

5.1. Payment for the fact of rejection of the service in the office of the company ViaKiiv or by way of pererahuvannya to the bank rakhunok of the company through the banks of Ukraine.

5.2. If you do not have a hope, ViaKiiv reserves the right to annul the replacement.

Clean up the delivery of the order

6.1. Delivery of tourist services, sent to ВіаКиїв, can be found in the electronic viewer, on the electronic mail of the Purchaser.

6.2. At the same time, the purchasers' replacements are looking for documents from the Ukrainian legislation.

Rights and obligations of the parties:

7.1. The seller has the right:

- in a unilateral order, fix the service due to the contract from the loss by the Buyer of the minds of the contract.

7.2. Buyer of goiters:

- promptly pay for that contract with a refund.

7.3. The buyer has the right:

- issue a request in the company ВіаКиїв;

- issue an electronic contract;

- vimagati from the Seller of the minds of the Agreement.

Vidpovidality of parties

8.1. The parties are responsible for the failure to agree or unseemly the agreement of the minds in the order transferred by the agreement to the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.2. The seller was not aware of the following:

- change the size, size, change overflow and size;

- for the change and truthfulness of the information given by the Buyer when filling out the replacement;

- for fixing and interruptions in the delivery of the Service (processing of the replacement of the delivery of the service by the tour operator or airline), such as for reasons that the posture is in the sphere of its control;

- for counterfeiting illegal activities, provided by the Buyer for additional access to the Internet;

- for the transfer by the Buyer of his or her fancy identifiers - IP, MAC-addresses, login and password to third persons;

8.3. The buyer, who wants to know how to access the Internet, does not independently know how to follow the Skoda, which is behind the actions (especially, it’s as if it’s a matter of fact) to people who are morally

8.4. Once the situation is overwhelming, the parties are bound by the agreement of the minds. For the purpose of the agreement, there is a reason to think that it’s unpredictable, non-transferable character, because it is impossible to win over the agreement in any way.

8.5. The parties apply the maximum amount of effort for the decision of any kind of distribution in the course of negotiations.

8.6. TOV ВіаКиїв is a middleman in the service provided by tour operators, airlines and the Buyer. And there is no reason for their unreliable services. TOV ВіаКиїв does not know the difference only for the good service of its services - we will accept the payment for itself: service zbir.

Інші mind

9.1. ВіаКиїв reserved the right to unilaterally make changes to the agreement for the previous publication on the site

9.2. The site of ViaKiiv arrangements for organizing a remote way of selling goods via the Internet for an additional electronic mail.

9.3. The buyer is not sure of the authenticity of the information provided during the registration of the replacement information. At the same time, upon receipt of an acceptance (formalized replacement and additional payment for the goods), the Buyer will give the Seller his unprotected zyod for the collection, processing, protection, victory of his personal donations, in the personalities of the ZU "About

9.4. Payment by the Buyer for a replacement means the Buyer on the basis of the purchase and sale agreement (public offer)

9.5. The actual date of the electronic pleasing between the parties є the date of the acceptance of the minds, according to the art. 11 Law of Ukraine "On electronic commerce"

9.6. Vikoristannya resource ІInternet site for perednogo peeking at the goods, as well as for the registration of the order for the Purchaser є without koshtovny.

9.7. Information, yaku nadaє by the Buyer є confidentiality. Internet site for information about the Purchase for the purpose of processing the replacement, forwarding of the Buyers, delivery of goods, and the purchase of goods.

The order of turning the goods properly

10.1. The transfer of goods to the online store is carried out according to the honorable legislation of Ukraine.

Termіn dії agreement

11.1.Electronic agreement to fit in at the moment of the possession of a special yak sent the proposition of the arrangement of such agreement, indicating the acceptance of the proposition in the order that is designated by part of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "Draft Electronic".

11.2. Until the end of the term of the date of the Agreement, there can be agreements for each other until the moment of actual delivery of the goods, by way of turning the pennies

11.3. The parties may have the right to develop agreements unilaterally, in the absence of one of the parties of the minds of the Treaty and in cases transferred by the official legislation of Ukraine.

Zvertaєmo your respect, that the Internet site "" on the official Internet site, it is right, according to the legislation of Ukraine, to impose the right to use the Internet platform to individuals for legal entities realizatsії goods.

10.2. The turnover of goods is carried out at the time of purchase.

10.3. When the Buyer turns to travel services, the tickets are paid for the goods, a penny for the fact of turning the services for the services of the customers or the customers. ViaKiiv is not a fan of travel packages, aviakvitkiv, tours, insurance and other services, but in the middle between the Post-Owners and the Buyer, who can’t pay a penny for turning after the dock doesn’t accept you (a penny).

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