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The World is full of wonders! Via Kiev helps you to see, feel and taste all the wonders of the world.
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English abbreviation MICE includes all elements of business travel, i.e.:

  • meetings
  • incentives
  • conferences
  • events

All four terms have one principle in common: they stand for non-governmental, non-official meetings. These are namely corporate events, that is events organized to unite people under joint professional, creative or scientific interests.

We’d like to draw your attention to incentive – motivation, event travel.

The special thing about incentive tours is that they are organized by the companies for their staff, partners, customers to encourage them and stimulate their work efficiency. As the experience shows, it’s not the money stimulus – gift, medical insurance, but corporate event and, especially unusual trip, which stays in the memory forever, are much stronger stimuli for a better work. Such incentives have won the best reputation among corporations. Incentive tourism starts only when you, your colleagues, subordinates, your actual and potential partners get the emotions, feelings, information, impossible to get or even buy in any other situation. Real incentive tours are distinguished by special festive mood, permanently stressed team feeling and high quality service.

Peculiar positive “side” effect of incentive trips is strengthening of team spirit. Joint time at leisure, and moreover – joint trip helps people to become closer to each other, find joint interest beside the routine office communication, make friends. It is needless to say that united team costs much more than any financial costs involved to organize such corporate event. Satisfied staff is a vigorous additional stimulus for active work and creative approach towards professional duties.

The advantage of incentive tours is more diversified and interesting program, which is impossible in regular tours. Professional and business orientation of the company is taken into account. Professional part is accompanied by saturate cultural and entertainment program.

Main specific requirements for incentive trips can be divided into the following groups:

  • Unique. Any of the trips must not be repeated, routes are unpredictable and full of surprises, rich in specific events.
  • Fantasy and exotic character. This important part is connected with the possibility to try something unusual.
  • Exclusive. Upon the trip final participants must be certain that they have visited unusual place and met interesting people.
  • Original.

Incentive trips are known as the most efficient means of doing business, and also of ideas exchange between colleagues and customers. And we are ready to help you in arranging such trips.

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